High Availability for Your Critical Data and IT Systems


Regardless of the industry, no business can afford a system outage – not even for a moment. System outages can have a negative impact on a company’s success such as extensive downtime, cost causation, damaged reputation, and employee productivity loss. ClusterLion removes the need for complex clusters, shared storage, and other sophisticated infrastructure, ensuring business continuity and reducing costs.

ClusterLion is the Leading Solution for High Availability and Avoidance of Downtime

ClusterLion eliminates the need for complex clusters, significantly reducing costs and operational overhead. ClusterLion is currently available in two versions: ClusterLion for SAP and ClusterLion for MetroCluster.

Supported Vendors

ClusterLion for MetroCluster

In case of failure, ClusterLion shuts down the affected side to avoid split-brain syndrome and then initiates the switch-over to the unaffected side. ClusterLion for MetroCluster ensures that the other services continue to function correctly after the storage switch-over has taken place. In case of a network failure, an NFO function and the Application Integration Feature are used.

ClusterLion for SAP

ClusterLion for SAP is compatible with any virtual or physical environment, including VMware, IBM Power-VM and bare metal servers from Lenovo, Cisco, Dell, HPE and more. ClusterLion also supports SAP Landscape Manager, provides full SAP deployment support in Azure and AWS, and is available in the Marketplace.