High Availability for SAP

ClusterLion for SAP

Ensure the security of your data without increasing the complexity of your infrastructure and the effort required to operate your systems. ClusterLion for SAP eliminates the need to deploy complex Linux clusters, resulting in a huge reduction in TCO.

ClusterLion for SAP Is the Leading Solution for High Availability and Avoidance of Downtime

ClusterLion for SAP eliminates the need for complex clusters and additional data centers, significantly reducing costs and operational overhead.

ClusterLion for SAP in Action

What are the Benefits of ClusterLion for SAP?

ClusterLion for SAP – Video Overview


  • Complex setup, configuration and maintenance. Different components and cluster services from different initiatives.
  • High TCO due to high management overhead, specialized clustering expertise, and 3. data center.
  • Challenges with split-brain, incorrect failover decisions.

ClusterLion for SAP Solution

  • No complex Linux clustering required – keep it simple and easy!
  • Lowest TCO thanks to low maintenance and administration costs.
  • All-in-one solution with a clear focus on SAP. It is easy to set up, configure and maintain.


If a failure is detected that requires a takeover, ClusterLion first shuts down the hosts or services on the primary side. Once this is done and data consistency is ensured, the takeover process begins. All processes required for a complete failover are automated. The HANA database is taken over to the secondary site, then the central instances of the application server are switched over. Virtual IP addresses are switched over & clients stay connected!

ClusterLion for SAP is compatible with any virtual or physical environment, this includes VMware, IBM Power-VM and bare metal servers from Lenovo, Cisco, Dell, HPE and more. ClusterLion also supports SAP Landscape Manager, provides full SAP deployment support in Azure and AWS, and is available in the Marketplace.

High Availability for SAP

ClusterLion for SAP Features

  • No complex clusters required
  • Low TCO
  • Simplification for SAP environments
  • Maximum security. No data is transmitted, only status information.
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • 24/7 Premium support
  • Quick and detailed insights in case of failure
  • Web dashboard displays current status and historical event logs
  • Various monitoring and alerting options via full-featured REST APIs, as well as proactive customer notification by ProLion’s support team
  • Straightforward installation
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Frequently asked questions

Definitely. As well as the switchover in the event of a disaster, ClusterLion for SAP also supports planned maintenance work, such as switching the database. These actions are available via the GUI.

ClusterLion establishes encrypted communication with quorum, provided by ProLion.

To install ClusterLion for SAP we need a virtual machine and internet connection.

ClusterLion for SAP is ready to use in a few hours and is delivered as an OVA file. With its intuitive user interface, ClusterLion guides you through the installation in just a few clicks.

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