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The world’s leading companies choose ProLion

Learn why more and more companies are choosing ProLion to protect their Storage Infrastructure and Data from the ever-growing threat of Ransomware and Insider Threat attacks.
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Tilburg Municipality Client success story
Tilburg Municipality, The Netherlands

The City of Tilburg deployed ProLion’s Ransomware protection solution (CryptoSpike) to protect citizens’ data from attacks.

As a result, Tilburg achieved total visibility and enhanced data security while automating key compliance and audit processes.

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Fintech Client Success Story
International Fintech Company

This company’s Storage Infrastructure was compromised and their data was encrypted. ProLion was able to locate and restore their missing data, and then provided ongoing Proactive Ransomware protection.

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MHH Success Story
Hannover Medical School, Germany

MHH was faced with unmanageable increases in daily data volumes, resulting in over 2,7 Petabytes of data to manage. This resulted in long backups, compliance issues and data security concerns.

Find out how MHH utilizes ProLion to achieve full data visibility
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