Who Deleted the File?

Data Access Transparency

System administrators know the challenge – an important file used by many users suddenly seems to have disappeared. The traditional way is to search for clues manually, but there is a better way.

Track & Understand File Activity

What Is Data Access Transparency?

Data access transparency is a more efficient approach to these challenges. Our solution creates transparency by recording and showing all data access to the central storage system. This allows system administrators to answer common questions like, which files were last accessed? Who deleted the file? Who moved the file? Where was the file moved to? And most importantly: are large numbers of files being manipulated?


Why Data Access Transparency Matters

Storage systems are often a black box. Storage and security teams have little insight into what happens there. In times of steadily increasing cybercrime, this can be critical. Data access transparency sheds light on the dark and makes it possible to detect suspicious activity and take action before it has a negative impact.

  • Better Data Quality
    The immense flood of information can lead to inaccuracies and poor data hygiene in companies. Data access transparency enables you to improve data quality while uncovering silos and permissions issues. Regular analysis helps IT teams understand where data is stored and how it is used. This provides valuable insight into the quality and efficiency of data management and storage use.
  • Detect Suspicious & Malicious Activity
    A government employee steals confidential data after being fired. A disgruntled sales rep sells relevant information for personal gain. This doesn’t just happen in Hollywood movies. There are many motives for malicious activity within an organization. But how can you recognize it? Unusual modifications to your data, such as the mass deletion of files, can be a sign of malicious activity or even a ransomware attack. With data access transparency, IT teams receive an early warning and have a useful tool to help them deal with suspicious activity.
  • Fast File Recovery
    Mistakes happen. Human error is the leading cause of data loss in companies. It often happens that someone unintentionally moves or deletes an important file, or users lose track of where files are located. Not only is it frustrating and costly to lose important information, but it also takes time for IT staff to track down lost files and folders. Data access transparency makes it possible to take immediate action and save the day with just a few clicks.
The Best Solutions

Monitoring File Activity

Storage monitoring based on data access transparency has significant benefits:

  • Track who accessed specific files in real-time
  • Detect and stop suspicious activity
  • Reveal which files have been tampered with to enable targeted recovery
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