Data Governance & Compliance

Organisations struggle to keep on top of their ever-increasing data storage, especially when they have multiple data sites. Data security is the responsibility of the organisation and resilient ransomware protection is essential.

Learn how ProLion’s proactive solution can protect data, limits access to authorised users, and report on any compromises or unusual activity – across multiple data sites.

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Are you in control of your Data?
  • What Data Exists?
  • When was it Accessed, Copied or Deleted?
  • Who is the owner?
  • How old is it?
  • Can you report usage activities for a specific user for DLP reasons?
Data Transparency
With the ever-increasing volume of data, storage admins struggle to identify what data they have, what it consists of, how old it is, and who has access to it. A large percentage of this is ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial) data which carries a cost, including infrastructure, power, and space. There will also be inefficiencies of backing it up or difficulty in accessing critical data when needed.
ProLion provides
insights to OnTap Storage
Detailed Insights into the data structure of the ONTAP storage system
recovery of storage space
Recovery of valuable storage space – saves cost and reduces backup and restore times
user permissions
Ability to evaluate user permissions
storage usage report
Ability to manage and report on storage usage and availability by departments and users
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Data Transparency for data auditing, security and compliance
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