Data Compliance

In a world that is becoming increasingly regulated, it is becoming more challenging for organisations to achieve data compliance, especially when they have multiple data sites – all of which are experiencing huge growth in the amount of data they store.

According to the IDC Global DataSphere report, the annual size the Global Datasphere is predicted to reach 175 ZB by 2025.

Annual Size of the Global Datasphere

Source: Data Age 2025, sponsored by Seagate with data from IDC Global DataSphere, Nov 2018

Organisations that store data are responsible for protecting that data against breaches (both internal and external), as well as ensuring they still have a legal right to store the data.

In order to do this, organisations need resilient Ransomware protection as well as data transparency and analysis tools. ProLion can offer both Ransomware protection with CryptoSpike and Data Transparency with DataAnalyzer.

Ransomware Protection explained in 90s

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