Data Transparency

Managing your ONTAP Data storage is becoming more and more difficult, as data is growing exponentially; a trend that will continue. 

According to a study by IDC the projected annual Global Datasphere will grow to 175 ZB by 2025.

Annual Size of the Global Datasphere

Source: Data Age 2025, sponsored by Seagate with data from IDC Global DataSphere, Nov 2018

Besides the obvious increases in space needed, infrastructure, admin and running costs, there are many other hidden costs, which are actually far more threatening to data integrity.

As data increases, so too does the amount of ROT (Redundant, Outdated, Trivial) data, that has no business or legal value.

Dark (hidden) data is an even bigger problem. Many organisations lack the tools to capture or analyse it, or it may be missing elements, making it impossible to read.

The extent of how much data is hidden can be thought of as an iceberg … you only see the tip, with little idea of what lies beneath the surface. In the data environment, this is known as a Databerg:


ROT and Dark data is detrimental to organisations for a number of reasons:

clockIncreased infrastructure, storage, admin and running costs

clockDifficulty in accessing relevant data which makes it difficult to make informed decisions and remain compliant

clockROT data is usually unmanaged and is therefore more susceptible to Cyber Attacks

DataAnalyzer can help your organisation obtain detailed insights into your ONTAP File Shares and provides:

  • Analysis and structure of data

  • Recovery of valuable data storage space

  • User permissions – evaluation and setting

  • The ability to cross-charge storage costs

  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

  • Proactive alarm should files become infected

Data Transparency with DataAnalyzer in 90s

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