Data continues to grow and is predicted to reach 175 Zettabytes by 2025. Aside from the obvious cost of storing this data, it is increasingly difficult to manage, analyse and locate files.

And this data ages very quickly – files that are hot today could be cold tomorrow – just like yesterdays news! Some data is only kept for legal reasons and never accessed, or is needed very infrequently. After 6 months, 50% of data can be classified as inactive cold data.
In an ideal world, hot, warm and cold data would be stored as follows:

Watch our 90s DataOptimizer video to see how:

IT knows that most data is cold but lacks the tools to clear up primary storage regularly and move data to cheaper storage or to the cloud

Moreover, users would like to access their data through their familiar data paths and not look for legacy data through special archives.

DataOptimizer uses a process of Stubbing and Linking, whereby the file is moved to cost efficient storage and a link (stub file) with the header information is stored on the costly high-performant storage.

The Solution – Transparent file tiering for ONTAP Storage with ProLion DataOptimizer

Data access is forwarded to the cheaper secondary storage in the background via the stub file and the desired file is delivered from this storage system directly to the user or application via “path-through”. For the user and application, the data access is absolutely transparent.


  • Lower Costs and higher storage performance
  • Ability to do File Tiering based on multiple attributes (timestamps (create / modify / access), type, size, space thresholds)
  • No interruptions – Users and applications can continue to run and access data from the same location with complete transparency
  • Optimized backup and restore times
  • Ability to set up rules-based processes removing manual routine tasks from IT

Download Resources:

DataOptimizer Presentation (PDF)

DataOptimizer Data Sheet

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