Highly efficient data analytics
for NetApp storage systems


The demand for storage increases exponentially but still large amounts of data are not used and have not been viewed for months or years. Only at first glance purchasing new hard disks appears to be an attractive solution. Actually, a large storage volume leads to increased costs for backups, energy, space or migration and to longer restore processes. For internal cost allocation the IT must be able to map the utilised storage by department or customer.

The solution: Highly efficient data analytics for NetApp storage systems

DataAnalyzer enables you to obtain a detailed insight into the NetApp storage system and thus efficiently manage your storage requirements.

Benefits at a glance

  • Detailed insight into the data structure of the NetApp storage system.
  • Recovery of valuable storage, which saves costs and reduces backup and restore times.
  • Data cleanup to allow you to leverage your data investments.
  • Proactive alarm for infected files.
  • Evaluation of user permissions.
  • Transparent internal allocation of the monthly and actually used storage capacities by department.
  • Analyses for departments, management, security.



Architecture: DataAnalyzer runs on a separate server that connects to the NetApp storage system.

Via a defined interface data is collected, consolidated and imported to a database like MSSQL, Oracle or mySQL. The aggregated analyses are visualised in Excel because everybody is familiar with this tool and it is safe and easy to use. You can also display your analyses in PowerPoint or tableau viewer.

Analyses and functions

Number and total storage space of the files by type (e.g. archive, Office, email, image, multimedia resources etc.).

Age of the data structure from days to years, additionally grouped by type.

Unused LUNs and VMDKs (VMware): IT departments often use a server for tests that is uninstalled later on however the respective storage space remains occupied. This function helps you recover valuable storage space.

In connection with Active Directory the used storage space can be mapped in detail for each department or customer and charged based on the actual utilisation.

Technical specifications

ONTAP 7-Mode and cDOT
Database: MSSQL > 2008 R2, Oracle >11, mySQL >5
Host OS: Windows Server as of 2008 R2 preferred
Supports VMware and Hyper-V
Client: Excel on Windows as of Version 2013 Windows

High performance

DataAnalyzer enables you to analyse 10 millions of files per hour per volume. You can multiply this performance by analysing multiple volumes in parallel.

Ransomware detection

Check inventory data

Inventory data is verified by more than 1000 known Ransomware file extensions, file names, and Ransomware note files which will be updated daily.

Detect in time

Since an list of modifications of all file types (office documents, text files, multimedia files, etc.) is created daily an exact overview of the change rate in all directories on all volumes is obtained after only a few days or weeks. Via the ONTAP directory-security API the CIFS users and authorizations can also be assigned to resulting in an overall summary. Suspicious increased changings of files is recognized by the DataAnalyzer and alerted with data about the path, number of affected files etc. The limits for these alerts as well as the dynamics for automatically determined thresholds can be adjusted.


Search function:

The Enterprise Search allows you to find incorrectly stored files within the entire NetApp storage system for example by name or storage date.

Additional reports according to your specific criteria can be created with minimum effort.

DataAnalyzer Light

Ransomware check for NetApp storage - free of charge

Do you know if information on your central NetApp storage has been encrypted by ransomware? Many customers have no answer to this question because most of them are not sure if some files out of their many millions have become infected by a Cryptolocker! Due to the current incidents and threats ProLion now offers a free of charge Ransomware check for NetApp NAS systems. This means that all of the files stored on the NetApp system will be checked against more than 1000 known Ransomware file names, file extensions and known information about Ransomware activities.

"Some of our customers were literally shocked because the report clearly showed them that their data had been infected by Ransomware."

Robert Graf, CEO ProLion GmbH

The full DataAnalyzer version not only delivers Ransomware checks but in addition will also give general information about existing data such as: data age, user permissions, occupied space by file type, detailed share and folder information’s and many more.

You are using NetApp NAS systems in your enterprise? Then go and get the free of charge Ransomware check here and start checking your data integrity!