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Highly efficient data analytics
for NetApp storage systems


The demand for storage increases exponentially but still large amounts of data are not used and have not been viewed for months or years. Only at first glance purchasing new hard disks appears to be an attractive solution. Actually, a large storage volume leads to increased costs for backups, energy, space or migration and to longer restore processes. For internal cost allocation the IT must be able to map the utilised storage by department or customer.

The solution: Highly efficient data analytics for NetApp storage systems

DataAnalyzer enables you to obtain a detailed insight into the NetApp storage system and thus efficiently manage your storage requirements.

Benefits at a glance

  • Detailed insight into the data structure of the NetApp storage system.
  • Recovery of valuable storage, which saves costs and reduces backup and restore times.
  • Data cleanup to allow you to leverage your data investments.
  • Proactive alarm for infected files.
  • Evaluation of user permissions.
  • Transparent internal allocation of the monthly and actually used storage capacities by department.
  • Analyses for departments, management, security.