Central storage supplies business-critical applications with data around the clock. In order to maintain production, regular expansions and changes are required. The storage vendor regularly updates its solutions as technological developments take place, like new OS versions. In some periods, this may result in a large number of changes, which then raises the question for IT administrators as to whether the monitoring of the complex storage system is still working perfectly. For example: How is the cache behaving? How close are the CPUs to full capacity? All components must be fine-tuned in order to communicate with one another.

Every storage system is configured individually and therefore it is not easy to find the appropriate monitoring tool which provides the exact relevant data for evaluating the performance of your environment.


The solution: Professional monitoring with HealthTracker plugins

Monitoring using HealthTracker plugins is based on Nagios and the know-how of storage experts, to provide you with an overall view of all the functions of your storage systems. Discrepancies or overloads are detected and alarm messages enable prompt reaction.

Supported monitoring systems

nagios-core nagios-xi op5 check-mk open-it-cockpit icinga watchbox


To monitor the entire storage system, HealthTracker offers professional plugins that are tailored to NetApp. They are based on Nagios open-source software and on their derivatives, such as Icinga, check-MK, op5 or watchbox. These platforms are already used by many businesses to monitor IT infrastructure. All functions are professionally developed, tested and continuously expanded, based on years of experience with NetApp systems. Plugins are also available for other storage manufacturers, such as DELL/EMC, Veritas and Brocade, which permits professional integration of heterogeneous storage environments into a central monitoring system, including regular maintenance.

You can adapt the solution individually to the size of your business or storage. The degree of detail can be freely selected in the five variants: Basic – Advanced – Performance – MetroCluster – Complete. We would be happy to send information about this on request.

HealthTracker plugins include: cache, hardware, management, network, performance, snapshot, storage and status information. Long-term measurements record trends so you are also better able to assess the future need for expansion.




Buffer Cache, FlashCache and FlexCache


High-level overview for decision-makers


Broken disks, temperature, cooling-devices, power-supplies, NVRAM


Available space for aggregates, volumes and quotas


Stats per interface (ifnet): Bytes and packets read and sent, errors per second, multicasts, collisions


Global system-status, cluster-status, status from iSCSI-adapters (online/offline), RAID-status of aggregates and volumes


Operations per second (HTTP, CIFS, ...), transfer-rate (network, disks, ...), utilization in % (processor, disk), performance per volume (latency, IOPS)


Verfügbare Snapshot Kapazität und Transfer-Errors von SnapMirrors und SnapVaults, Ausnutzung der SnapReserve – Überwachung der Snapshots nach Name, Alter und Aktualität

Available snap-size and transfer-errors from SnapMirrors and SnapVaults, utilization of the SnapReserve – additional monitoring of Snapshots by name, age and whether they are up to date or not.

Free trial

We offer you a 30 day fully functional trial period so that you can test how HealthTracker works and to experience its benefits. If you have any questions, our experts will be available to you during the trial phase.

Price model

The license price depends on the NetApp model series. The only aspect determining the price in each case is the largest model; all other systems are included without limitation.

The licence is a subscription service with monthly payments. This includes bug fixes, functional expansions and adaptations following system modifications by NetApp/ONTAP and by other vendors.


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  • The entire storage environment is professionally monitored
  • Monitoring can be adjusted individually for any size of business
  • Free choice of analysis depth, from basic functions to a high degree of detail
  • Long-term measurements mean trends can be detected
  • Price offers good value for money, based on the largest model; all other systems are included without limitation
  • Subscription system guarantees functionality, even in the event of changes. Unlike adjustments by IT itself, costs are fixed, especially for large-release changes
  • 30 day free evaluation with full functionality