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Every 40 seconds, a company gets infected by ransomware. Could yours be one of them? Start your scan now to find out.

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You will receive a free report informing you if your files are healthy or if they correspond to the 4000+ ransomware file extensions in our block list. As cybercrime continues to rise, the list of malicious files is growing every day. Statistically, there is a strong probability that you have already been infected with Ransomware. Take the free check now to find out.

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Ransomware can have a severe impact on your business




productivity loss


data loss

You could already be infected and not know it

A single click on a malicious link or e-mail attachment can install malware in the background, which runs unnoticed for months.

One click is enough to lose millions of business-critical files

Once your files are encrypted, it may be impossible to restore the original version – even if you pay the ransom and comply with the hackers’ demands.

Your entire network could be vulnerable

Ransomware can easily infect authorised network drives – it is not just your local computer that is at risk. Your ONTAP files are among the most vulnerable in your organisation.

We protect your data fabric. Learn how ProLion CryptoSpike helps protect against Ransomware

ProLion Cryptospike uses a 3-stage strategy to detect Ransomware attacks in real-time. By scanning ONTAP storage for vulnerabilities, it immediately blocks the user and localises the encrypted files if an attack is detected. This prevents the infection from spreading and protects your business-critical systems from further attack.

These businesses trust ProLion to protect them from Ransomware

"By taking this effective measure to protect ourselves, we have significantly reduced the risk of a ransomware attack."
Ferdinand Hecht, Information Security Officer
Kreis Bad Dürkheim

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