Protecting your NetApp enviroment from Ransomware attack - ProLion Coffee Break Webinar series

Grab a coffee, and join us for a quick and concise 30 minute session where we’ll provide you with an overview and demo.

"Are we running NetApp storage for our file shares?"

If the answer is yes, then its very likely there is a venerability in your data security

File shares by their very nature are an obvious target for ransomware and yours could be at risk from attack. Your NetApp storage is excellent at what it does however it has a blind spot when it comes to ransomware and visibility of end user behaviour.

With ProLion Cryptospike we have a very cost effective way to prevent ransomware attacks entering the file system and should anything get in, we can stop the spread and recover data quickly and easily, avoiding data loss. In addition the same solution tracks all user behaviour within the file system, providing forensic tracing of all activity.

I would like to invite to learn more about ProLion Cryptospike; we will be holding a webinar to discuss the ransomware threat and how we can help you protect your critical NetApp systems.

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