Highest availability for SAP systems operated on Lenovo servers on-premises – but what about Fencing?

July 20, 2021
by ProLion Team

What is ClusterLion for SAP?

SAP HANA based SAP application environments demand the highest degree of availability – in most cases it is critical. ClusterLion for SAP was developed to implement automatic switchover and offers the highest degree of availability and always ensures data consistency.

With ClusterLion, there is no need to operate a third site, or the connection lines associated with that – this task is performed by ClusterLion with the provision of a Cloud Quorum service. For customers who are reluctant to employ cloud services, there is an on-premises solution available.

Once ClusterLion is implemented, you only require Linux Single Server systems without cluster services, which greatly reduces the complexity of your infrastructure. With ClusterLion all services remain online, even if one of your sites is affected by a total outage.

Why choose Lenovo servers for your SAP environment?

Lenovo is a leading provider of x86 servers for the data center. ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile servers and storage solutions provide excellent performance, reliability and security for all SAP system landscapes. In particular, mission critical application need to have a solid foundation, which is proven by studies and customer references.

Why is ClusterLion the perfect HA solution for Lenovo servers?

In the high availability context, two points always require careful consideration but often represent a major challenge: 1) the integrity of data and 2) the availability of services.
To maintain integrity and availability, cluster services and fencing mechanisms are usually employed. The purpose of fencing is to ensure the functionality and integrity of the cluster by removing individual resources or nodes.

However, when it comes to fencing of physical servers, some big challenges need to be address and questions answered:

– Is there a suitable mechanism available?
– Which one should I choose?
– How do I make sure that it will work in case of a failure?
– Can I rely on the stability?
– Do I have to be afraid of unwanted shutdowns?

Thanks to the partnership with Lenovo, ProLion has worked closely with Lenovo to develop a perfect integration of the ClusterLion for SAP into the xClarity system management. Setting up the fencing is a piece of cake with ClusterLion, and reliability is provided out-of-the-box, as the system has been extensively tested jointly by ProLion and Lenovo!

Would you like to see this for yourself? Click on the video below to see a working system in the Lenovo EMEA Executive Briefing Center in Stuttgart: