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Insider Threat Detection

ProLion is the number #1 insider threat prevention solution for any NetApp or Lenovo storage environment
Our agentless solution detects and blocks insider threats attempting to compromise your data. Be alerted and take action in real time, with full governance reporting for accuracy and compliance.
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Insider Threats continue to grow year over year
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Agentlessly block threats that get beyond the endpoint
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Highest detection accuracy with our sophisticated algorithms
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Full data access auditing and governance reporting
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Insider Threats are Growing

ProLion stops insider threats in their tracks, by monitoring and logging user file access and identifying abnormal behaviour patterns.


Should these be detected, the user’s access is blocked, and no further damage can be done.


Reports are generated to prove compliance and audit access permissions.

Insider Threat Detection
Proactive Defense with Multiple Layers

Audit Access Permissions
Know who has access to what, and compare user permissions by role or department to remove overprivileged access


Full Audit Trail
Monitor all file accesses by user and generate reports on who accessed what and when.


Behavioural Pattern Analysis
Monitor user behaviour on file systems to detect day-one threats. Limits or eliminates user access if unusual behaviour is detected

Multiple Layers of Detection
Isolate the Attack

ProLion can automatically block the Insider Threats attempting to access your data before a security or compliance event occurs.


An alert will be sent to IT, with a full audit trail of activity, explaining why ProLion viewed this as a threat.

Isolate the Attack
Transparency and Governance

Full data transparency at the user level – access activity, deletions, and changes are monitored. Traceability & Auditing of file access is provided.


Full compliance reporting for GDPR and other regulations.

Ability to integrate into your existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms.

Insider Threat Detection
Additional Business Value

Ability to manage and report on storage usage and availability by departments and users. Service providers can use this to properly cross-charge storage costs to their customers.


Recovery of valuable storage space – saves cost and reduces backup and restore times by removing redundant or old data

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Quick Time to Value

Monitor your environment agentlessly and real time. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud within 24 hours.


Multi-tenant capabilities also built in for for Service Providers. Start real-time monitoring with instant blocking of insider threats.

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With CryptoSpike we have a ‘Last line of defense’. If, despite all other protection measures, there is a security breach due to a zero-day threat, for example, CryptoSpike recognizes it, stops it and we can easily undo it.
Stan Braak
Senior Coordinator, Tilburg Municipality, Netherlands
With the recent Ransomware attacks in Healthcare we were very concerned that we had vulnerabilities within our infrastructure. With ProLion we now have the confidence that we have protection for our NetApp Systems. The engagement with ProLion has been excellent and they have delivered a solution that was easy to deploy and easy to manage.
Head of Infrastructure
National Health Service, United Kingdom
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