The Danger Lurking Inside

Insider Threats

Insider threats are a serious concern for companies of all sizes and industries. Current and former employees, contractors, and business partners who have authorized access to your company’s sensitive data can accidentally or intentionally cause significant damage.

Numbers & Facts

Insider Threats

Insider Involvement

34 %

Insiders were involved in 34% of all data breaches.


63 %

63% of incidents are due to negligence.



It takes an average of 284 days for a data incident caused by nsiders to be identified and resolved.

Prevent Insider Threats

Steps to Increase Security

It’s difficult to avoid insider threats completely, but there are some simple steps organizations can take to improve their security.

  • Inform & Educate
    One of the best ways to protect your organization from insider threats is to educate employees and inform them of the risks. This can help ensure that threats are detected and reported in a timely manner. In addition, employees should be informed about how to proceed in the event of a threat.
  • Establish a Security Culture
    Another way to protect an organization from insider threats is to instil a security culture. This means that security is taken into account in all aspects of the company and considered in all decisions. All employees should adhere to security guidelines.
  • System monitoring
    To protect an organization, monitoring critical systems is essential. Monitoring makes it possible to identify potential threats at an early stage and inform system administrators. In addition, monitoring can help assess and evaluate potential threats.
The Best Solutions

Detect Anomalies Early

No business is safe from insider threats. To detect and prevent them, organizations need proactive and modern solutions that complement traditional cybersecurity tools. With CryptoSpike and DataAnalyzer, ProLion offers powerful tools that minimize the risk of internal threats.

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