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Keeping an eye on your critical systems is an essential part of any IT team’s day-to-day operations. Effective system monitoring ensures your systems remain available for users, and enables you to react quickly in unexpected situations like ransomware attacks or unplanned outages. With the right monitoring solution, your team can keep of track of everything and quickly identify and resolve any issues that arise.

Monitoring for Organizations

Protect Business-Critical Data

The importance of data for companies is undeniable. Data has become one of the most essential resources of our time. Unstructured data plays a key role: it contains precious insights about customers, insider knowledge, company finances, and more. To safeguard that mission-critical data, businesses need to understand and keep track of  data types, usage and permissions. This also gives them the chance to analyze the insights and make key business decisions. If the worst comes to the worst, they have a clear advantage: complete documentation of what happened to the data.

Secure & Reliable Verification

Different Types of Monitoring

Data security solutions enable organizations to monitor, manage, protect, recover, and control access to their systems and the data stored on them.

  • File Monitoring
    Staying ahead of growing storage needs is a real challenge for organizations – especially those managing multiple data centers. Data security, which also includes reliable protection against ransomware, is their responsibility. As the volume of data continues to grow, storage administrators often struggle to determine what data an organization has, what it consists of, how old it is, and who has access to it. Cases of insider threats and massive data breaches are also on the rise, making it all the more important to monitor file activity on a regular basis.
  • Permission Monitoring
    Due to the complexity, it is difficult to get a holistic overview of user and access permissions across the company. Which users have access to which folders and files? Have there been internal promotions or job changes that resulted in users having access to files they shouldn’t have? No organization is safe from insider threats. To detect and prevent them, organizations need proactive and modern solutions that complement traditional cybersecurity tools and monitor permissions in real time.
  • Monitoring Infrastructure Components
    Regardless of industry, no company can afford downtime, not even for a moment. System failures can have a significant impact on business performance, resulting in wasted time and lost revenues – not only while restoring systems, but also in terms of lost productivity and damaged reputation. Without monitoring, large failures can go unnoticed for a long period of time and cause significant damage. Active monitoring enables companies to take action immediately. Moreover, a truly effective monitoring strategy includes automatic intervention in the event of an error, reducing downtime even further.
The Best Solutions

Prevent Downtime and Compromised Backups

ProLion data security solutions help organizations monitor, manage, protect, recover, and control access to their systems and the data stored on them. Our solutions improve data transparency and compliance while reducing complexity.

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The Best Solutions

Prevent Downtime and Compromised Backups


CryptoSpike Icon

Ransomware Protection & Data Access Transparency

Benefits of CryptoSpike
  • Detect Unusual Activity

    Record and analyze data access in real-time, and detect anomalies immediately.

  • Blocklist

    The ProLion Blocklist automatically recognizes and blocks common ransomware file extensions.

  • User Blocking

    Automatically prevent suspicious users from accessing your data, and alert administrators of the incident.

  • Single File Restore

    Restore corrupted files only with a detailed analysis, leaving all other data unchanged.


DataAnalyzer Icon

High-Performance Storage Analysis & Optimization

Benefits of DataAnalyzer
  • Permission Monitoring

    Company-wide reporting on users, groups and invalid permissions.

  • Hot/Cold Analysis

    Support decision-making about outsourcing storage.

  • Regular Reports

    Periodic reporting for permission changes (e.g. weekly or monthly).

  • Reports for Internal Cost Allocation

    DataAnalyzer provides an overview of storage usage per employee/per company, enabling accurate and efficient cost allocation.


ClusterLion Icon

High Availability for Critical Data and It Systems

Benefits of ClusterLion
  • “Always-On“ Availability

    All storage services remain available – even in the event of a site failure!

  • System-Independent Status Indicator Outside of the Customer Network

    You can check the latest status, which updates every few seconds, via an online dashboard.

  • Instant Error Notifications

    You receive automatic email alerts and a complete REST API. Additionally, the ProLion support team continuously monitors the system and proactively keeps it updated.

  • Simplified Give-Back Process

    Supports the give-back process after the failed location is available again.