NetApp INSIGHT 2021: A recap of relevant points for ProLion Customers

October 28, 2021
by Admin

Now that NetApp INSIGHT 2021 is behind us, we thought it’d be worthwhile to look back on some of the key points of the show and share our thoughts on some of the interesting announcements and developments from the show.  There’s also still an opportunity to claim your free $20 Amazon Gift Card via the online ProLion sponsor page, so check out the instructions at the end of this post to learn now.   

NetApp Continues to Rely on Partners for Advanced Ransomware Protection 

One of the most anticipated announcements from the conference was NetApp’s release of their plans for ransomware protection in ONTAP.  The new features, only available via upgrade to ONTAP 9.10.1, confirm what most in the industry had assumed – that NetApp will continue to rely on solution partners to deliver comprehensive ransomware protection across NetApp deployments. The new capabilities released are really limited to entropy triggers and preventative snapshots.  They’ll continue to rely on partners like ProLion to offer traceability and auditing, and user behavioral patterns to detect, stop and remediate ransomware attacks before they can proliferate and even disable backup systems themselves.   

New ONTAP Flexibility via AWS FSx; Ransomware Protection Available

Previously announced at AWS Storage Day, with further details being provided at INSIGHT, Amazon and NetApp launched Amazon FSx for NetApp OnTap. Previously, Amazon FSx only supported Windows File Server and open source file system Lustre. Amazon FSx for NetApp OnTap offers a familiar interface and features for on-premises NetApp customers, but the cloud-based service is sold and maintained by AWS.

The primary use case for the service, as we see it, is disaster recovery and backup of file applications, among others. As you’d expect, ProLion has you covered if you are considering leveraging ONTAP volumes via FSx.  

Our solutions engineering team put together a quick overview of how ProLion’s CryptoSpike offers advanced Ransomware Protection for AWS FSx environments.   

Insider Threats Continue as Top of Mind Concern 

Another significant development at INSIGHT was the announcement of new features in NetApp’s Cloud Insight solution, specifically, Cloud Secure Insider Threat Detection.  Compromised users and bad actors are two of the biggest threats to protecting your data. Cloud Secure will provide alerts on anomalous behaviours, a harbinger of ransomware attacks.  

The concept of the insider threat – bad actors, compromised users, negligence, even opportunists – has always been a core foundation of the multiple layers of protection offered by ProLion.  Our approach to access transparency, coupled with the native ONTAP and FPolicy capabilities, is a customer’s best bet against advanced ransomware attacks.    

NetApp INSIGHT Lives On…in the Cloud 

NetApp INSIGHT’s presentations are all still available online, hosted on the conference site, and will be until the 22nd November 2021. That means you still have the opportunity to claim your free $20 Amazon Gift card by visiting our sponsor page on the conference site.  

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