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Restore Manager Backup Solution

RestoreManager utilizes the highly efficient SnapMirror technology whereby ONTAP file systems are backed up in minutes instead of hours. The RestoreManager backup runs on the lowest bandwidth because SnapMirror only transfers data changes, and the data is compressed and deduplicated.
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RestoreManager explained in 90s

Data is one of an organisations’ most valuable assets – whether it’s customer details or
financial records they can’t function without it. With the increase in Ransomware
attacks and other malicious code, data is at risk and can easily be stolen or destroyed
and is often overwritten in error by employees.

It is therefore essential that data is backed up securely and regularly. Organisations
have multiple millions of files, and this ever-increasing amount of data results in long
backup windows, with backups often needing to start before the last one has finished.

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With SnapMirror Cloud, backup
can be any S3 target>
RestoreManager utilizing SnapMirror /SnapMirror Cloud Technology
RestoreManager Backup Solution
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RestoreManager Recovery Solution
Should a file or files need to be recovered, finding them out of multiple millions can be a big challenge.
RestoreManager creates a central catalogue of files and relevant ONTAP SnapShots in NAS environments – enabling detailed search by name, file type, date or size. It integrates into secondary storage via SnapMirror and SnapVault as well as object storage in the cloud via SnapMirror Cloud. As soon as a new SnapShot of a volume has been generated, RestoreManager uses SnapDiff API to “extract” the relevant metadata from the files and folders and loads this data to the central database. Searching is now easy with this central index, regardless of local storage or in the cloud. Files can be restored to a specific folder or to their original location with one click!
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RestoreManager benefits at a glance:
  • Criteria-based search functionality for lost or deleted files and folders in ONTAP SnapShots.
  • One-click restore from the SnapShot itself.
  • Integration with both Primary and Secondary Storage to give complete visibility.
  • Greatly reduced time taken to do searches.
  • Maintain storage efficiency savings, ONTAP format and metadata.
  • Simple Installation via a virtual machine.
  • Multitenant capabilities.
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