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Proactive Defense Against Ransomware

ProLion is the #1 Ransomware and Insider Threat prevention platform for NetApp and Lenovo environments
Learn how our agentless solution detects malicious activities in your file system, blocks attacks in real time, and prevents compromised backups to keep you always-on

    Advanced attacks are now disabling endpoint protection and deleting backups before activating.
    Prevent downtime, compromised backups, and long restore cycles with our suite of solutions.
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    24/7 Proactive Ransomware Monitoring and Prevention
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    Generate reports on who accessed what and when
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    Over 550 Customers Trust ProLion
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    Ransomware Prevention Explained
    It takes a specialist to fight a threat this big. Learn how we’ve combined user behavior analytics, best-in-class research, and learnings from hundreds of customers to detect threats before they cause downtime.
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    Last Line of Defense
    Antivirus and Backups are not enough. Ransomware attacks continue to grow exponentially, in spite of most organizations having an AV solution in place. New types of attacks can disable endpoint AV, firewall, and backup vendor solutions. ProLion's agentless solution protects critical storage and backup data, on premise or in the cloud.
    Our customers are deploying ProLion in hours, not weeks. We guarantee a quick time to value.
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    24/7 Monitoring
    Watch all activities for Ransomware and Insider Threat motions
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    Instant Response
    Be alerted or block in real time with confidence
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    High Availability
    Instantly roll back change or activate a cluster failover
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    ProLion Labs is always on the Hunt
    Our research team is ahead of the curve, studying new types of attacks and methodologies being discussed on the dark web. Our labs team is constantly testing these approaches against our constantly updated algorithms. Ransomware attacks start much earlier than the encryption stage, and ProLion studies hundreds of indicators to stop an attack before any damage is done. ProLion has prevented thousands of attacks across many different patterns. We help hundreds of customers across all verticals:
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Finance
    • TelCo
    • Public Sector
    ProLion Proactive Defense
    Proactive vs Reactive Defense

    Speed of detection and response time matters most in stopping Ransomware attacks.


    These attacks spread virally, and compliance reporting such as GDPR, CCPA, HIIPA, and PCI require reporting of all breached information. ProLion continuously monitors all transactions in your Data Center, using behavioural analysis to block all types of ransomware attacks in real time.

    If an anomaly is detected, the system raises the alarm and blocks the compromised credentials to prevent any further damage. If any damage was done, an administrator receives details of the path and number of files affected and reviews the recent transactions, and can rollback instantly.

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    Full Data Governance Assurance
    Generate reports about your critical storage to provide easy-to-use reports for security, internal auditing, and the business including:
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    • What Data Exists
    • When It was Accessed, Copied, or Taken
    • Who Owns It
    • How Old The Data is
    • All activities of a specific user for DLP reasons
    Ransomware is Growing Exponentially
    Being targeted by Ransomware is becoming a “when” and not an “if” threat for most organizations. We have detected many known variants including WannaCry, Petya, Locky, and more with industry leading accuracy.
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    Attacks could reach ‘Pandemic’ proportions
    The increase in the frequency of Ransomware attacks is frightening and no organization is safe. From energy companies to retail stores, Cyber Criminals view them all as fair game. Once the Storage and Data has been compromised, downtime, loss of revenue, remediation costs, and higher insurance premiums are sure to follow.
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    With Prolion, we have a ‘Last line of defense’. If, despite all other protection measures, there is a security breach due to a zero-day threat, for example, ProLion recognizes it, stops it and we can easily undo it.
    Tilburg Municipality, Netherlands
    Our data center was under attack, and ransomware spread to our NAS even though we had modern AV in place. We implemented ProLion afterwards and have blocked multiple attacks since. A must have for any security conscious organization.
    Global Fortune 500 Financial Customer
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