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High Availability
Ransomware, Insider Threat attacks, and even power outages are creating more need for always-on availability of critical file servers and applications
More customers are now replicating their infrastructure to secondary storage or data centers, both on-premises and in the cloud. ProLion simplifies the management of automatic switch over, reducing both cost and complexity to ensure an always-on environment
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Need for always-on availability is growing with increased threats
Automate switchover for file servers and apps
Reduce management cost and ensure continuous uptime
Deploy within 24 hours on-prem or in the cloud
Downtime Threats are Exploding

With increased threats from ransomware attacks, hackers, and even power outages, always-on availability is more important than ever. Many customers are turning to secondary data centers with continuous replication, both on-premises and in the cloud.


Management of this process is incredibly complicated, and ProLion simplifies both the cost and complexity of running these programs for always-on availability.

Ensure 24/7 Availability

Continuous Monitoring
Monitor your cluster for downtime threats such as ransomware, insider threat attacks, or even power outage.


Automatic Switchover
Automatically switchover to the replicated cluster on-premise or in the cloud. Avoid manual intervention or any noticeable downtime to the users.


Avoid Split-Brain Issues
Simultaneously with a switchover trigger, the affected cluster is powered down to avoid split brain issues, both on-premise or in the cloud.

Built for your central file servers

When a cluster is under duress, ProLion powers off the affected side to avoid a split–brain syndrome and then initiates a switchover to the other side, ensuring Always-On availability, with complete security and permanent data consistency in the storage cluster.


Completely infrastructure-independent monitoring resulting in the most reliable decision-making. Lower TCO and higher availability.

Built for your critical applications

Critical services like SAP need always-on availability. ProLion monitors affected clusters and ensures automatic takeover for SAP Hana databases and Netweaver application servers.


ProLion offers the lowest TCO and extreme simplicity with deployment and management. There is no need for a 3rd Data Center or complex cluster setups and associated maintenance costs.

Quick Time to Value

Monitor your environment agentlessly and real time. Deploy on-premises or in the cloud within 24 hours.


Multitenant capabilities also built in for for Service Providers. Start real-time monitoring with instant switchover and 24/7 availability.

“ProLion's integration with the SAP Landscape Management API allows takeover workflows in the LaMa to be triggered automatically in the event of a failure.”
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