Guarantee High Availability

High Availability for Your Critical Data and IT Systems

Whatever industry you’re in, no company can afford downtime, not even for a moment.

Prevent Downtime

Why High Availability Matters

System failures have a significant impact on a company’s performance, wasting time and money – not only while restoring the systems, but also in terms of lost productivity and damaged reputation. These steps help ensure the availability of your systems:

  • Implement Redundant Systems
    Redundant systems are a reliable way to boost the availability of critical applications. They ensure that if a data center fails, work can continue thanks to a backup data center.
  • Review and Test Failure Scenarios
    Regularly checking and testing scenarios that can happen if an error occurs is crucial. This ensures businesses are able to react to issues swiftly and effectively. If the worst comes to the worst, at least responsibilities are clearly defined, making the situation less stressful.
  • Automate Critical Scenarios
    Even the best strategy for data center redundancy can fail if certain actions are not carried out at the right time. If, for example, two data centers are in operation with a synchronously mirrored storage system, you still need an additional solution to automatically transfer services from the first data center to the second in the event of a failure.
Downtime Is Expensive

The Cost of Unavailability

We live in a fast-moving world – online shopping with same-day delivery, instant bank transfers and 24/7 availability when booking hotels, flights and services online. This is not the exception but the norm. If a business can’t deliver, this invariably leads to financial losses, a competitive disadvantage and dissatisfied customers.

The foundation of these round-the-clock services is data: customer information, financial data, inventory reports, price lists, and so on. Access to this data anytime, anywhere is essential.

If an outage occurs in the primary data center, the systems must be able to switch over instantaneously. This is easier said than done! Even with a synchronous mirror that stores the data transparently in two data centers, an automatic switchover is by no means guaranteed. If one location fails, the services are not automatically transferred to the second location because a switchover would run the risk of split-brain syndrome. An automatic switchover must be able to take place in order to ensure availability.

The Best Solutions

High Availability Is the Key to Success

Companies with systems that are always available benefit from significant competitive advantages:

  • Enable employees to do their best work
  • Be there for customers when they need you
  • Avoid downtime and lost sales
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