Protect Dell File Storage

Stop ransomware attacks in real-time

Prevent compromised backups

Eliminate data exfiltration

Problems ProLion Solves for Dell Storage Systems

Rapid Response to Ransomware Attacks

Prolion’s software is designed to block ransomware attacks in real time, isolating infected users
and devices from attacking other systems to protect production and backup data.

Minimizing Data Loss and Maintaining Business Continuity

Trigger protected snapshots based on suspicious activity and restore any effected files with one
click to avoid downtime and meet your SLAs.

Monitor Insider Threats and Prevent Data Exfiltration

Track and analyze all storage activities, uniquely identifying insider threats or early signs of a
breach with high accuracy. Alert security to automatically prevent data exfiltration before
it happens.

Accurately Recognizing Threats vs Normal Activities

ProLion has the highest efficacy threat detection engine for storage environments, making false
positives a thing of the past to let you focus on the alerts that matter.

Reduce Security Costs with Integrations into SIEMs

Send high efficacy alerts to your SIEM without needing to ingest all logs from your storage system
directly, savings costs and enabling real time response to contain threats.


Strategies for Effective Storage Security for Dell

Best practices for storage security to help organizations safeguard their valuable data assets effectively.

  • A deep dive on storage security and why it matters
  • The key components of storage security
  • Best practices for storage security
  • Challenges in implementing storage security, and how to overcome them with ProLion’s Cryptospike solution

Built for Dell Storage Systems


Volume & user based ransomware detection


Alert triggering & seamless integration to your SIEM


Blocks infected user immediately


Full access transparency thanks to CEE Integration


Single file recovery via Snapshot integration

Seamless end-to-end detection and response

In case of an attack – you’ll come prepared. ProLion detects immediately, blocks the affected user, alerts, and supports you during the remediation process.

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CryptoSpike Demo for Dell

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Frequently asked questions

CryptoSpike currently supports NetApp (FAS/AFF & virtual ONTAP), Lenovo DM-Series, Dell PowerScale, Dell Unity and Dell PowerStore* (starting CryptoSpike 3.3)

Installing CryptoSpike usually only takes a few hours, making it the fastest security project in the world!

CryptoSpike uses native APIs from the storage systems to collect and process the information.

No! User access is unaffected thanks to the use of native APIs.

CryptoSpike makes it possible to implement a so-called “four-eyes principle” which requires two people to access the data, protecting sensitive information.

CryptoSpike was developed with complex environments in mind and supports scaling via agents. We recommend the LandscapeManager add-on to manage distributed storage environments via a common user interface.

Yes, CryptoSpike adds another level of protection to your company’s security strategy and protects your storage system – where your most valuable, business-critical data is centrally stored.

An alert can be sent directly via email or integrated into existing monitoring solutions using an API.