High-Performance Storage Analysis & Optimization


Unstructured data plays an increasingly important role in today’s digital world. According to IDC, unstructured data has a compound annual growth rate of 61%. By 2025, 80% of the world’s data will be unstructured. The biggest challenge is cost-effective management. There is no straightforward way to classify or index unstructured data, and you can’t just store it in conventional databases. DataAnalyzer helps you to keep full control over what is happening on your storage systems!

DataAnalyzer Is the Leading Solution for Efficient Storage Analysis and Optimization

DataAnalyzer makes storage systems transparent. You can configure reports to run periodically or as a one-off. This helps you keep control of your data  administration and ensure your storage system is  organized and efficient.

DataAnalyzer in Action

What Are the Benefits Of DataAnalyzer?

DataAnalyzer – Video Overview


  • The growing amount of unstructured data poses significant challenges for organizations.
  • Nobody knows what data is on the storage system, which file types are taking up the most space, which file types are growing the most, where the largest files have been added, which files are used regularly, and what data has not been recently used.
  • Organizations can’t keep track of user and file access permissions.

DataAnalyzer Solution

  • Save costs and optimize your storage with one-off or regular reports.
  • All your storage system data is in one place, easily accessible and under control.
  • Easily keep track of user permissions in the company.
  • Get all the information you need for internal cost allocation.
  • Monitor how user permissions change over time.


Streamline your storage system with DataAnalyzer. With access to a variety of reports, your IT team can quickly identify and organize data, making your system more efficient than ever.

High-Performance Storage Analysis & Optimization

DataAnalyzer Features

DataAnalyzer improves the efficiency of your storage system management. Thanks to a wide range of available reports, those responsible always have an up-to-date overview of the stored data and can ensure the system is organized efficiently.

  • Company-wide reporting on users, groups and invalid permissions
  • Per-user reports on what files and folders a specific user can access
  • Periodic reporting for permission changes (e.g. weekly or monthly)
  • Folder reports on ownership and file ownership
  • Extension reports about suspicious file extensions (blocklist)
  • Hot/cold analysis to aid decision-making when outsourcing to cheaper storage locations
  • Find potential duplicates
  • Determine storage usage per employee / per company
  • Measure usage for cost allocation
  • File extension report
  • Last access / last change
  • File search to recover deleted or moved files

Frequently asked questions

DataAnalyzer is ready to use in just a few hours, and is delivered as an OVA file. Our experts then support you with configuring and adapting the solution to be sure it fits your needs.

With CSV exports and PowerBI dashboards.

To install DataAnalyzer we need two virtual machines.

The data is scanned using the CIFS protocol.

We provide pre-built, ready-to-use reports. Reach out to your ProLion contact person for more details.

Yes, you can create reports and dashboards as needed, as well as modify existing ones.

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