Ransomware – A Global Problem

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a serious threat. It encrypts data and forces its victims to pay to recover that data. The best weapon is powerful ransomware protection for the systems where the data is stored.

Numbers & Facts

The Growing Threat of Ransomware

Companies Affected

85 %

85% of all companies were the target of at least one ransomware attack in 2021, and this number continues to rise.

Number of Ransomware Attacks


Studies show the number of ransomware attacks is continually increasing.

Average Downtime


The average downtime after an attack is 21 days.

A company’s most vital data is stored centrally on NAS (Network Attached Storage). Attacks specifically targeting this data makes the entire storage system vulnerable. If hackers gain access by getting around existing protection mechanisms (such as a firewall or endpoint protection), there is nothing to stop them manipulating data and causing significant damage.


Why Ransomware Protection Is Essential

The right ransomware protection can detect, block and minimize the impact of ransomware attacks and help protect the business.

  • Prevent Downtime
    Some types of ransomware can damage your IT systems to the extent that it is impossible to recover your data. When this happens, there is a lot of downtime, and in some cases it has even led to business failure.
  • Safeguard Vital Data
    Ransomware attacks can infect, encrypt, compromise, steal, or delete files on your system. For businesses, this means that important documents or records are lost and cannot be recovered.
  • Avoid Ransom Payments
    Ransomware attacks involve, as the name implies, demands for ransom. This forces you to decide under extreme pressure whether to give in to the blackmail, without knowing what the attackers will do afterward. The highest ransom in recent years was $40 million, with companies being asked to pay up to $2 million on average.
Gateways For Ransomware Attacks
Beware of Ransomware

The Challenge

Methods for ransomware attacks are diverse and constantly increasing in sophistication. One wrong click by an employee is enough to infect the entire network, allowing the threat to spread from a local computer to Network Attached Storage.

On average, such attacks result in days of downtime and tedious recovery work for the storage team. Backups are usually the last hope. As attacks often go unnoticed over a long period of time, backups get damaged too, which makes it impossible to prevent data loss.

The Best Solutions

Protection Against Ransomware Threats

The most effective solution is to automatically detect the attack at an early stage, alert the responsible IT teams and provide the necessary information about the affected files so they can be recovered. CryptoSpike is the leading ransomware protection solution designed specifically for storage systems, and an essential part of your overall security strategy.

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