High Availability for MetroCluster

ClusterLion for MetroCluster

Ensure the security of your data without increasing the complexity of your infrastructure and the effort required to operate your systems. Thanks to complete infrastructure independence ClusterLion for MetroCluster is the only solution on the market that can address these concerns.

ClusterLion for MetroCluster Is the Leading Solution for High Availability and Avoidance of Downtime

ClusterLion for MetroCluster eliminates the need for complex clusters, significantly reducing costs and operational overhead.

CluterLion for MetroCluster in Action

What are the Benefits of CluterLion for MetroCluster?

ClusterLion – Video Overview


  • The use of MetroCluster technology is a common method for establishing high availability of storage systems. It uses synchronous mirroring to protect data in a cluster and activates services at the unaffected site to retrieve the mirrored data from the site affected by a failure.
  • A potential workaround is to operate a service via a third data center that oversees both sites and triggers the unaffected cluster partner to take over the services in the event of a failure. However, this results in an increase in complexity and operating effort – and the risk of split-brain syndrome remains to some extent.
  • Even with a synchronous mirror, which transparently stores the data in two data centers, uninterrupted operation is not guaranteed. If one MetroCluster site fails, the services are not automatically taken over at the second site, otherwise there is a risk of split-brain syndrome.

ClusterLion for MetroCluster Solution

  • In the event of an error, ClusterLion shuts down the affected site to avoid split-brain syndrome and then initiates the switch-over to the unaffected site. This process usually takes only a short moment and is not noticeable to users or applications.
  • ClusterLion for MetroCluster ensures that all services continue to function correctly after switchover, thanks to automation, without increasing operational overhead. In addition, ClusterLion is completely independent of the existing infrastructure and does not require a third site.
  • Other unique features of ClusterLion include an NFO function and application integration in the event of a network failure.


In case of failure, ClusterLion shuts down the affected side to avoid split-brain syndrome and then initiates the switch-over to the unaffected side. ClusterLion for MetroCluster ensures that the other services continue to function correctly after the memory switch-over has taken place.

High Availability for MetroCluster

ClusterLion for MetroCluster Features

  • “Always-On” Availability: All storage services remain available – even in the event of a site outage!
  • Simple installation – ClusterLion for MetroCluster is delivered as a configured device and can be integrated into any existing MetroCluster within a few hours – without any service interruption.
  • System-independent status display outside the customer network that updates at one-second intervals. Appears in a standalone web dashboard that can be conveniently accessed via internet browser at any time.
  • Maximum security and permanent data consistency in the storage cluster using Layer 1 firewall.
  • Lower TCO, as a 3rd data center is no longer required.
  • Fully infrastructure-independent monitoring for a maximally reliable decision-making process.
  • Instant notification in case of failure – via email alerts and a full-featured REST API. Additionally, the ProLion support team continuously oversees the system and proactively keeps it up to date.
  • Uncomplicated “Action / Deactivation” switching via GUI for maintenance purposes. After completion, the safety circuit reminds you to reactivate.
  • Support in the give-back process after the failed site is available again.
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Frequently asked questions

ClusterLion is designed to be used independently of the existing infrastructure. To do this, ClusterLion communicates via mobile communications, transmitting the information in encrypted form.

To install ClusterLion, we need 2 height units in the rack and a cellular connection in the data center.

ClusterLion was designed to be used completely independently of the existing infrastructure.

ClusterLion can be added to a Metrocluster installation with minimal effort. ClusterLion is delivered pre-configured as a plug-and-play solution. It only takes a few steps to establish full operational readiness. The good thing: any existing MetroCluster can be supplemented with ClusterLion without interruption.

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