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An organization’s data is its most valuable asset. Whether it’s customer data or financial records, nothing works without data anymore! Even the smallest amount of carelessness on the part of an employee could lead to destroying entire drives full of data. If one or more files need to be recovered, it can be a real challenge to locate the file(s) in question.

Users often can’t remember the key data and without a central catalog of files, recovery can be very difficult and time consuming.

RestoreManager is the Leading Solution for Straightforward, Fast File Recovery

RestoreManager integrates easily and extracts relevant metadata from files, creating a centralized database that can be searched for specific file criteria. Files that were thought to be lost can thus be located and restored thanks to detailed search by name, path, file type, date or size.

RestoreManager in Action

What are the Benefits of RestoreManager?

RestoreManager – Video Overview


  • Limited time & growing amount of data
  • Long backup windows: Backups often have to be started even before the last one is completed
  • Complex, manual, and tedious file search

RestoreManager Solution

  • Built on NetApp Snapshot technology
  • Criteria-based search functionality for lost or deleted files and directories in ONTAP Snapshots
  • One-click restore from the snapshot itself
  • Integration with both primary and secondary systems for full visibility
  • Significant time savings due to fast and clear search functionality
  • Restore from selected S3 targets, whether in an on-premises data center or in the cloud
  • Easy installation and integration into existing environments
  • Simple licensing system, not dependent on data volume
  • Maintains all efficiencies made available by ONTAP
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Frequently asked questions

No, RestoreManager is designed for NAS and complements your existing backup solutions. As the amount of data continues to increase, it is becoming more difficult to back up all the files and information. RestoreManager enables you to search, find and restore files faster and more efficiently.

RestoreManager uses ONTAP Snapshots to restore files efficiently. Used in combination with the file catalog, RestoreManager can even restore single files.

RestoreManager offers a criteria-based search functionality, enabling you to find files and folders in snapshots.

It usually only takes a few hours to install RestoreManager.

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