Ransomware is growing every year and no organisation is immune. And it only takes one click by an unsuspecting employee to infect the whole network, spreading rapidly from a local computer through the entire network and NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Although most organisations have end point cyber security, Ransomware and Malware can slip through. And even the best anti-virus protection finds it difficult to track internal threats and compromised employees.

Ransomware Protection explained in 90s

The solution is CryptoSpike – the number one agentless Ransomware protection for Central File Services whether in the local data centre, NAS, or in the Cloud.

CryptoSpike provides 3 levels of Ransomware protection and detection as follows:


• Blocks known ransomware signatures
and file types.

• Updated automatically.

• Filters can be added manually.



  • Blocks all files EXCEPT allowed file list
  • Can be applied at a granular level (e.g. accounting Share only allows Excel files)

Behaviour Patterns

  • Monitors user behaviour on file system to detect day-one threats
  • Limits or cuts off user access if unusual behaviour is detected

CryptoSpike Screenshots – Intuitive User Interfaces

User Blocking and Data Recovery

  • Ransomware is tracked to the infected user and they are blocked via instructions from the FPolicy Server.

  • IT is able to pull the infected device from the network and apply remediation measures.

  • Infected files are identified and recovered using ONTAP snapshots – there is no need to roll back an entire volume or folder.

CryptoSpike benefits at a glance:

  • Easy to install via virtual machine image

  • Real-time monitoring with instant blocking of affected users

  • Full data transparency at user level – infection, deletions, changes etc

  • Traceability & Auditing of file access

  • Ability to integrate into existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms

  • One-click restore from ONTAP snapshots

  • Multitenant capabilities for Service Providers

Customer Success Story

Tilburg Municipality implemented CryptoSpike 

“With CryptoSpike we have a ‘Last line of defence’. If, despite all other protection measures, there is a security breach due to a zero-day threat, for example, CryptoSpike recognizes it, stops it and we can easily undo it.”
Stan Braak

Senior Coordinator VMWare Storage Backup, Gemeente Tilburg

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CryptoSpike Data Sheet

CryptoSpike Data Sheet German

CryptoSpike Presentation (PDF)


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