Raiffeisen Informatik Drives Storage Efficiency with ProLion

Raiffeisen Informatik, an IT services provider based in Austria, recognized a clear need to improve storage efficiencies and streamline reporting. Data center teams were relying on scripts and databases to measure and bill the storage of their clients, so processes were manual and time-consuming. They needed a solution to shed light on the black box of their storage data. DataAnalyzer resulted in significant savings in personnel costs and enabled them to create accurate reports on storage use 70% faster.

R-IT Building Vienna, Copyright: Raiffeisen Informatik


Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH & Co KG (R-IT), headquartered in Vienna, Austria, needed better insight into how storage space was being used. To measure how much storage a client was using and bill them accordingly, they needed to write a custom script and save the results in a database. As a result, they were frustrated by the lack of efficiency in their data collection and reporting processes. There were no standardized reports available, and creating reports from scratch each time was very time-consuming.

Restoring lost files was also difficult, because they had no real overview of their data storage. In general, they needed a better way to manage the growing volume of data and ensure they were using their storage in an optimal way.

DataAnalyzer from ProLion is very user-friendly, and the data quality is stable.

~ Gerald Barth, Storage Management Expert at Raiffeisen Informatik


As a austrian leader in the IT services sector, Raiffeisen Informatik trusts only the best tools and partners. They discovered ProLion via a personal recommendation and, while they weren’t specifically looking for a solution at the time, they were immediately convinced that ProLion’s DataAnalyzer could help them. The decision to implement ProLion involved numerous stakeholders, including the Product Owner, Tribe Lead, and the Purchasing department. As well as performance, they prioritized competitive license costs and pricing that was not based on the amount of data, so ProLion was a perfect fit.

Before upgrading to the most recent version, they reviewed the DataAnalyzer and compared it with alternative solutions. Ultimately, they decided to stick with ProLion due to the exceptional performance, value and ease of use. The deployment of the latest version of ProLion DataAnalyzer was also straightforward, with Raiffeisen Informatik able to complete the process independently in a few hours.

Before ProLion DataAnalyzer, our biggest challenge was obtaining the data we needed. That was a painful process because neither current nor historical data was readily available. For every query, you had to go and manually collect the data.

~ Gerald Barth, Storage Management Expert at Raiffeisen Informatik


With DataAnalyzer, Raiffeisen Informatik could obtain detailed insights into the data structure of their storage system. They were able to report on and optimize data storage, allowing for better management of valuable storage space. Raiffeisen Informatik found it much easier to generate billing reports, as they no longer need manual scripts to track storage activity. This led to significant savings on personnel costs and a 70% reduction in reporting time. Raiffeisen Informatik was also able to use DataAnalyzer to audit file usage, understand user authorizations, and improve security. Going forward, Raiffeisen Informatik is planning to use DataAnalyzer for more use cases with additional teams across the company.

Something I personally really like and that saves me a lot of work is the ability to search through an entire file system. This is really helpful during restore processes, because users often don’t know exactly where they have deleted files.

~ Gerald Barth, Storage Management Expert at Raiffeisen Informatik

Benefits of ProLion DataAnalyzer

Thanks to ProLion DataAnalyzer, the company can now:

  • Understand exactly how storage space is being used
  • Save on personnel costs with streamlined data collection and reporting
  • Generate reports 70% faster
  • Locate files more easily, even if the file name is unknown
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