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Ransomware Protection with NetApp ARP & ProLion CryptoSpike

Do you want ensure you have best-in-class protection for your storage data? ProLion CryptoSpike and NetApp Autonomous Ransomware Protection (ARP) are the ideal combination.

Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • Why NetApp ransomware protection is critical to ensuring your business operates as intended
  • Why NetApp ARP combined with ProLion CrpytoSpike provides an additional layer of storage security to give you full protection
  • How you can quickly and easily get this benefit within your organization today

Guard your Storage Data Effectively

The increasing frequency of ransomware attacks poses a significant threat to the integrity and availability of organizational data within your NetApp environment.

Download our whitepaper and learn how ProLion paired with NetApp’s ONTAP Autonomous Ransomware Protection (ARP) is the strongest defense strategy against the ever-growing threat of ransomware attacks.